Craig Rehm Excellence in Business Scholarship

The Craig Rehm Excellence in Business Scholarship award was established by the Dillon Rotary Club in recognition of beloved fellow Rotarian, Craig Rehm. Rehm was a community leader, local banker, and financial advisor in Dillon. The scholarship provides tuition assistance to a University of Montana Western student who will become a graduating senior with a Business Administration major and who intends to pursue a business career, preferable banking or finance, or to enter a graduate school of business following graduation from the University of Montana Western.

Eligibility requirements:

Applicant intends to graduate from the University of Montana Western with a BS: Business Administration degree. The Business Administration degree in the Business and Technology Department must have been officially declared per university guidelines.

Applicants must apply during the regular scholarship review cycle during the second semester of their junior year at UMW. The scholarship will be awarded to support tuition and fees during the senior (final) year. In the case of a business major scheduled to graduate during his or her 5th year, the application will be submitted during the second semester of the 4th year to help fund tuition and fees during the 5th year of study.

Applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher.


Primary preference is given to an applicant who will intern as an undergraduate and intends to pursue a career in banking or finance in Montana or attend graduate school in business.

Preference is also given to an applicant who demonstrates leadership through service and membership in one one or more of the following: campus clubs, student government, the Business Honor Society or a business professional society. Community service is a plus.

Limitations and restrictions:

The scholarship funds are to be expended for the sole purpose of supplementing the recipients tuition and fees only.

The scholarship amount is at least $1,000 per student, dependent on available funds. The scholarship is not renewable.

Returning students eligible