Daughters of the American Revolution Silver Bow Chapter “Golden Gift” Scholarship

Awarded to an American citizen, Montana resident who has sound character with participation in school, community service and church activities. Preference given to students with relationship to a DAR member or relative, with financial need and a junior or senior. In 1921, the Daughters of the American Revolution awarded a scholarship that enabled a young women to attend Montana Normal College, in Dillon, what is now, The University of Montana Western. The young women completed her education and in 1979 repaid the Silver Bow Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution with creating the funds for a scholarship program.

Returning students eligible.
EXTERNAL selector.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you decided on a future career?
  2. If yes, please specify.
  3. What is your anticipated graduation date?
  4. Explain your post-college goals.
  5. Are you the first in your family to earn a college degree?
  6. About your household

    Are you married?
  7. If yes, is your spouse/partner currently employed?
  8. Do you have children?
  9. If yes, how many children?
  10. Are you working your way through college?
  11. If yes, please describe how you are working your way through school.
  12. Is your work Full-time or Part-time?
  13. Do you work in the summer or school year?
  14. What is your own personal estimated income for the upcoming school year?
  15. Are parents/others helping pay for your college costs?
  16. If yes, what is the annual amount they are contributing?
  17. Do you have any special challenges, such as disabilities, unemployed or illness, which are affecting your financial situation?
  18. If yes, briefly describe the challenge.
  19. Are you a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution?
  20. Are you related to a member of DAR?
  21. If yes, what is your relationship to the DAR member?
  22. Have you received a DAR award previously?
  23. If yes, please specify what award and when it was received.
  24. In regard to your activities (community, school & church), please include your responsibilities and positions or offices held in each activity. List 3 to 4 activities.
  25. Please provide the name and email address of a community leader who can provide a letter of recommendation on your behalf.
  26. Please provide the name and email address of a UMW faculty member (High School Teacher if you are a senior in High School) who can provide a letter of recommendation on your behalf.
  27. Please attach a copy of your transcript.
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